CR815common rail system test bench

CR815 common rail pump test bench

CR815 common rail pump test bench

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CR815 common rail pump test bench

CR815 common rail pump test bench




1,泵流量Pump Delivery testing(optional)

2,博世西门子压电喷油器测试  bosch/siemens piezo injectors testing

3.HP0泵测试HP0 pump testing(optional)

4,EUI/EUI测试 EUP/EUI testing(optional)

5,HEUI测试 HEUI testing(optional)

CR815 COMMON RAIL TEST BENCH is the professional test bench which is used for testing common rail system, can test

common rail pump,common rail injector at same time.
1,Pump Testing: Pressure, PVC working status, Leakage of itself, Pump Delivery(optional), HP0 pump testing(optional)

2,Injector Testing:  Leakage, Oil quantity (Pre-injection, Idling, emissions, full load) (Leak, VL, EM, LL, VE)

3, Pressure Sensor/DRV valve testing

  2. Testing Data inside( Pump and Injector)
  3. Electronic fuel delivery measuring(automatic detection)
  4. 7.Data can be searched, printed and made into database.
  5. 8. HEUI testing function(optional)
  6. 9. EUI/EUP testing function(optional)

Technical parameters
1.Motor power: 7.5KW, 11KW, 15KW, 18.5KW
2,Electronic power: 3 PHASE 380V or 3 PHASE 220V

  1. Motorspeed: 0-4000RPM
  2. Presureadjustment: 0-2000bar
  3. Flowtesting range: 0-600ml/1000times
  4. Flowmeasurementaccuracy:0.1ml
  5. Temperaturerange: 40+-2
    8. Cooling system: fan or forced cooling

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